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Headline: Welcome to Sequoyah German Shepherds
Paragraph 1:Located in the hills of Southeast Tennessee just North of Chattanooga. We specialize in breeding quality German Shepherds and raising German Shepherd puppies with working backgrounds -- excellent for family pets, personal protection, and working situations. We often use imported lines (Schutzhund)... All of our dogs are AKC registered as well. We have been raising German Shepherds in the Southeast for over 20 years now, and many of our pups can be found in Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi, Texas, North and South Carolina, and even Pennsylvania, to name a few. Our German Shepherd puppies and dogs receive a full veterinary inspection, including hip and elbow screening, are microchipped, and are current on all vaccines.
Paragraph 2:Our German Shepherd puppies are specifically bred for their orthopedic quality and sound temperaments. German Shepherds make excellent protection dogs without the aggressive tendencies found in other breeds. They are highly intelligent, with the ability to interact on a higher level with the household. Here at Sequoyah, we realize that Obedience Training is one of the best things you can do for your dog or puppy… and yourself. We know that well-trained dogs are happier dogs. Dogs who know the “rules” get to go to more places, participate in more activities, and bond better with their owners. We ourselves are active members of Working Dogs of America, and we strongly encourage that no matter what puppy or dog you invest in, you also invest the time needed for proper obedience training for your pet. We feel so strongly about training that if you do purchase one of our dogs, we have decided to reward owners who promote this bonding and training time with Achievement Awards (cash back on any puppy/dog that you purchase).
Paragraph 3: Once you have had the experience with a German Shepherd, you will soon realize that no other breed quite measures up! If you decide to purchase a Sequoyah German Shepherd, you will be purchasing an investment in your future. We will continue to follow up with you even after the sale. We are as concerned about your happiness with one of our pups as we are about their safety and well-being. We will be available day or night to help with any concerns or problems that may arise. Feel free to read over our Health Guarantee, Hip and Elbow Guarantee (on both our GSD puppies and adults), Puppy Placement Policies, Temperament Testing Protocol, and our Contract. We will be glad to answer any questions that you may have.
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